From the recording Smokin Coffee Break Club Mix

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Hillbilly House Feat. Stick Up Boys

Song title: Smokin Coffee Break
Label: Stick Up Music
Release date: August 2020

New deep and uplifting house track from the infamous Hillbilly House has just hit the airwaves. Featuring one of the best up and coming writers/producers from Brighton UK, the Stick Up Boys, this song is already being played on some the finest underground radio stations and is already receiving positive reviews in the first few days of release.

Hillbilly House acclaimed DJ/producers from US are proud to be collaborating with The Stick Up Boys, the anonymous musical treasure hunters from Brighton and are releasing their new single hot of the back of some successful releases.

Their first collaboration “Smokin Coffee Break” is a killer of a tune that will get your chest pumping as you dance the night away.

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